The Appropriated Landscape…..

My exploration of the landscape is inspired by previous work exploring the development of a simulated world- created by new technologies. A simulated world and virtual realities seem to be dominating our view. I have been influenced by Jean Baudrillard’s theory of Hyperreality to modern science fiction writers. However –exploring new technologies has lead me straight back to nature. The ability for a culture to develop a simulated world – may inhibit the need or immediate desire to preserve the natural environment.

How relevant the aesthetic experience is, will have an impact on the artist writer or scientist who interprets the natural and manmade environment. Physical realty and virtual realities will merge. We are living in a simulated world. A copy world. We may fade into the landscape-where there is neither the real representation nor the real remaining. Just the- Hyperreal. Many people in the creative fields are exploring the concept of simulation – in regard to the impact it may have on our aesthetic experience. The futurist, Bruce Sterling suggests we have entered into the, ‘next nature.’ Further, many researchers have identified the new era as the, Anthropocene Era. Is this the new and improved or cultural dissemination? The struggle to balance- protecting the unspoiled and allowing for human progress, seems to highlight the need to rethink our place in the world.

Nature- still provides the inspiration for many new technologies and artistic expression. Humans continue to observe, interpret, and mimic natural forms – processes and functions. I still look to the natural environment to search for authenticity. The artists – designer –and scientist will always explore and be drawn to the landscape- due to their ongoing and necessary interpretation of nature. How a form is produced will be ever changing and debated – due to technology. It will be new technologies that will preserve or replicate- the disappearing natural environment.

Shauna Peck

Copyright 2017 | SHAUNA PECK